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Why being certified is important in security

Amid intense competition in the security industry, vendors differentiate themselves by offering products and solutions that are unique to satisfy the user’s various needs. Yu-Heng Electric, a manufacturer of detectors, is one example. The company claims to be Taiwan’s first to be certified by UL.

“In the US, UL certification for detectors for driveway applications is now required, and we got it in December last year. It has contributed to our revenue significantly,” said Chiang Chi-sheng, GM of Yu-Heng. “It’s not an easy feat, and the recognition speaks volumes of our products’ quality and reliability.”

According to him, not many Taiwan manufacturers have the capability to get that recognition. “Most of our competitors do not even export, let alone being UL-certified,” he said. “If they export, they sell to countries like India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia at best. But for us, we sell to some 60 countries in the world and have a significant share in this market.”

Another area that Yu-Heng is strong at is its ability to customize. “If our customers have specific needs, or they want the exterior design changed, they can tell us or our distributors, and we can accommodate,” Chiang said. “We’ve been in this business for some 20 years, and we know what they want. Sometimes the customer doesn’t even have to tell us what they need, and we can provide it for them.”

Yu-Heng manufactures a variety of detectors/sensors, for example photo beam detectors, barrier-curtain sensors, long-range beam towers, and polarized reflective beam sensors. These can be deployed on driveways, garage doors, and fences to crack down on theft and burglaries. Once the detector detects an intruder, a signal is instantly sent to the main unit, which then triggers the alarm or alerts the police.

To expand its offerings to suit customer needs, Yu-Heng has also crossed into the smart home arena, making intercom units that integrate with other devices as well as the user’s smartphone, so they can view who’s outside or control their homes remotely.

“This is one way to diversify our portfolio,” Chiang said. “Old products have limited lifecycles, so we need to develop new ones.”

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