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How a video surveillance system achieves smart retailing

In recent years, retail opportunities in Asia have expanded at a rapid pace. At the same time, the market has been faced with various challenges, such as theft and shrinkage. In addition, along with the growing number of 24-hour convenience stores and chain stores, requirements for operational efficiency and security management have been in high demand. Now, in the era of the Internet of Things, there are more and more devices and software to help retailers increase their operational efficiency. The latest smart retail systems typically include a video surveillance system, intelligent video analysis or video content analysis (VCA), RFID and EAS anti-theft system, and point of sales (POS) system. Key features for a video surveillance system in retail include:

  1. Apart from the basic video recording functionalities, video surveillance paired with VCA can create store traffic analysis as well as other business data such as heat maps for popular products. Additionally, a new generation of intelligent image recognition for VCA can identify a customer’s gender, age, and clothing color. Combined with information such as the day’s weather and holiday seasons, the system can generate weekly and monthly reports on what factors affected sales revenue, which can help the store’s marketing strategy.

  2. With the support of panoramic HD and 4K ultra-high definition video surveillance cameras, combined with facial recognition technology and customer information data (from POS systems), smart retail systems can analyze a customer’s shopping preferences, which can be used to help improve the store’s customer satisfaction and shopping experience. At the same time, if a blacklisted customer enters the store, staff could take the necessary precautions.

  3. The latest security systems often have cloud platform capabilities, which are integrated with image storage, alarm, remote monitoring, as well as other functions. Users simply need to purchase a camera or NVR, download the app or software, and remote monitoring is available.

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