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Top 5 intruder alarm products of 2015

The third in our series of 2015’s top 10 security products, highlights the top 5 intruder alarm products from 2015, based on click rate from

To qualify for the top 5, the products on this list all adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The product must have been uploaded to the database between Dec. 2014 and Dec. 2015.

  • Product can be used for either indoor or outdoor intrusion detection, and may include readers, controllers, sensors, detectors, panels, fire alarms, etc.

  • Products whose main purpose is for perimeter security were excluded.

  • DIY alarm kits were excluded.

With the major increase in interest of the smart home market last year, the overall intruder alarm market globally is expected to grow significantly. The US market for intruder alarm equipment, which accounts for 40 percent of the global market, alone reached US$1.1 billion in 2014, according to areport by IHS analyst Jim Dearing. The report noted, "In fact according to the latest IHS Intruder Alarms Report, aggressive marketing of intrusion products to the residential sector has caused the US residential market to reach heights of $500 million per year - comparable to the value of the entire residential market in Europe – a level that is almost unimaginable in other countries."

Reasons for growth in this market include:

  • Local legislation or by insurance provider requirement that business owners install intrusion systems.

  • Residential consumers who purchased an intrusion system from a local dealer.

Check back next week for the 10 most popular editorial features written by the a&s Editorial Team in 2015!

The Tyco DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2-Series Control Panelcaters to the requirements of today’s installations, but coupled with one or more of a complete line of expansion modules, the panel offer potential for added expansion capabilities, features and services, protecting the investment in the system, and ensuring growth in the future.

In conjunction with a host of keypads, communicators, peripherals and devices, the PowerSeries Neo’s control panels leverage the technological capabilities which PowerG offers through 2-way wireless communication, to decrease operational costs for dealers while providing ultimate reliability for end users.

Features include: 8 on-board zones, expandable to 128 wireless and hardwired zones; 4 PGM outputs expandable to 148 (HSM2204, HSM2208); template programming; ability to connect up to 16 supervised keypads with keypad zones; 8 partitions; 1000-event buffer; and 95 user codes.

When connected to a Chuango alarm system controller and an incident occurs, the WS-105 siren will go off with the strobe light flashing. For smaller premises, the unit can work as an on-site controller with other accessories, such as remote controls, door/window contact sensors, and PIR detectors, on the same radio frequency.

The WS-105 beacons a sense of serenity and security (in a non-intrusive blue hue), when functioning as an idle system controller. When connected to another system controller as a siren, it stays unobtrusive and behind the scene if not triggered.

Features include: power input of AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz; internal siren volume of 90 dB; radio frequency of 315 MHz or 433.92 MHz (±75KHz); operating temperature of -10℃~+55℃; and more.

When triggered by an alarm system, the ENFORCER E-921CPQ Voice Dialer can call up to 5 numbers and deliver a user-recorded 20-second voice message, playing repeatedly for one minute. The receiver can then listen in or broadcast a message to the room occupants or can disarm the system. The dialer includes a home mode (acting like a door chime when the owner is present) and a panic button. The 105 dB built-in siren alarm can be programmed on or off.

Other features include: 16-digit large display with time/date and function icons; 3 triggers for multiple zone security; call in at any time to listen in to room, broadcast to room, arm, and disarm dialer; programmable PIN number and etry delay timing; panic button; built-in flash memory to protect against system data loss in case of power failure; 9 V battery backup; low-battery indicator for back-up battery; and more.

Ideal for all residential applications, Honeywell’s IS335 Motion Detector delivers exceptional value and performance while reducing false alarms. Installations are quick and easy — saving you time and money. The IS335 features selectable pet immunity for animals weighing up to 80 lbs, an always-enabled LED, 40 x 56 range, and a style that blends with any décor.

Features include: sealed optical chamber to prevent drafts and insects from affecting the detector; uniform sensitivity optics with custom-designed Fresnel lens; wall-to-wall coverage; superior detection and false alarm immunity; pet-friendly selectivity; PIR white light immunity; and flexible mountings.

The LK-100S series of auto dialers supports up to 20 seconds of voice messages via an integrated battery-free computerized chip. The unit is connected with a security alarm control panel and a telephone wire. When it receives a signal from the control panel, it automatically dials out or sends recorded messages to the recipient.

The auto dialer series is composed of models LK-100S1 and LK-100S2. The LK-100S1 features one trigger/alarm input and one voice message. It stores up to 8 landline or mobile phone numbers. The LK-100S2 supports two triggers/alarm input and two voice messages. Each input triggers autodialing of 8 numbers or selects one to auto dial all 8 phone numbers. The auto dialer supports normal open (NOI) or normal close (NC) alarm input modes as well as dry contact alarm output method.

Other features include: panic button for emergency help; intrusions recorded and reported on the LCD; and more.


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