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Our comprehensive range of security and technology services includes:

Security Solutions 

  • Burglar Alarms

  • CCTV & Surveillance

  • Access Control, Entrance & Perimeter Security Systems


Fire Alarm Systems

Security Solutions

Our goal is to protect the integrity and property of our customers. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that we use the latest and most innovative monitoring equipment and software in the industry.

  • Burglar Alarms

Our burglar alarm systems protect your home or business without the ongoing monthly or annual expense of a security firm. We can easily build in remote user access through internet and smartphone apps. We provide the latest and most innovative monitoring equipment and software and are proud to have top-tier industry certifications. 


  • CCTV & Video Surveillance

CCTV systems keep your home or facility safe by monitoring and recording the indoor or outdoor activity (or both) at your location. 

Many options are available and we keep on top of the newest advancements. We provide IP, analogue, fixed and mobile cameras with pan, zoom and tilt functions, weather-proof housing, motion detectors, and real-time surveillance.  

With our deep experience and expertise, we can determine what combination of features is ideal for your situation and needs. Our designs take account of your location, height, illumination, and various other parameters to deliver the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions. 


  • Access Control, Entrance & Perimeter Security Systems


Our systems monitor and control all points of access including entrances, exits, perimeters and parking lots to ensure an appropriate level of security. 

Specifically, we can help you with main and secondary entrances, multi-door management, garage doors, turnstiles and bollards, car barriers, garbage containers and a variety of other areas on your property that might pose a security concern.  

Both online and offline options are available, as well as key fob, card reader, PIN, and biometric features.


Fire Alarm Systems

Our sophisticated and modern systems carefully monitor multiple environmental factors and identify important warning signs that will protect you against fire or control the spread of fire and smoke. 


After reviewing your physical environment and circumstances, we’ll propose either an automatic, manually activated, or blended system to meet your unique needs.​

Building Automation and Management Systems

Consulting Services

  • Architecture, Infrastructure & System Design

  • Project Management

  • Implementation

  • Integration

Building Automation and Management System

Our centralized and inter-linked Building Automation & Management Systems monitor and control the environment in your commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities.


Our automated systems manage and optimize the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing features in your building (e.g. HVAC, heating, ventilation, lighting, escalators). This ensures peak operating performance as well as the comfort and safety of the building’s occupants.

Consulting Services

·      System Architecture, Infrastructure & Design

·      Project Management

·       Implementation

·       Integration

We offer comprehensive consulting services to address your diverse security and technology needs, whether for your home or business.

Our tailored communication systems are designed to converge your voice, data, and video requirements as part of a modern network. We are expert in cabling infrastructure and our goal is to provide you with a structured system that's flexible enough for changes and upgrades. 

Our team will work with you to evaluate various types of integrated systems. Together, we consider all the features that matter to you including ease, security and energy efficiency.


We can completely automate and integrate your: 

·      Power monitoring

·      Close-Circuit TeleVision (CCTV)

·      Access control 

·      Burglary Alarm 

·      Fire Alarm System

·      Elevators/Escalators

·      Plumbing and Water Monitoring

·      HVAC System

·      Lighting


Systems can range from a simple remote interface to complex computer and micro-controller based networks with varying degrees of intelligence and automation. For businesses with multiple sites, we offer central management software.

At OS Systems, you’re not just a client. You’re the client.
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