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Fixing computers is really what we’re all about. We’ve been doing it for years and there’s nothing we love more than bringing PCs and Macs back to life. We’re confident that once you’ve experienced our level of service, you’ll never want to take your computer anywhere else..


Virus Removal

Viruses, Malware, Spyware – whatever you call them, they’re out there and gunning for you! No matter how careful you are online, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself infected with one of those nasty programs aimed at stealing your information and rendering your computer useless. But fear not, OS SYSTEMS Ltd Tech Team has the expertise to get those viruses off your system so you can get back to business.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Computer won’t start up? Screen doesn’t turn on? Constant Blue Screens or Kernel Panics? Bring us your strange and inexplicable computer issues – they’re what we live for! Our Advanced Troubleshooting option fits in when computer issues aren’t so obvious and take a little longer to resolve. Whether your system has a single issue or many, we’re certain we can help find a solution.

Backup Plans

Hard drives fail often and without explanation - we see a lot of them. The best data recovery you’ll ever experience is the one you’ll avoid altogether. It only takes one spilled coffee for you to truly appreciate having a sound backup. By implementing both a local and remote backup strategy, you’ll be safe from both system failures and natural disasters. Let us help you set up a nightly, automated, set-it-and-forget-it backup to get you recovered quickly in the event of a hard drive failure. Additionally, a remote, off-site backup with our Online Backup partner,  will keep you safe in the event your computer is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair.

System Optimization

Is that once blazing Mac or PC running slower these days? Over time, the performance of any computer starts to slow. In our proprietary System Optimization process, we perform a series of services that get rid of the junk and boost performance. We remove unnecessary startup programs/services, clean your system registry, install all the necessary updates, modify your system settings for optimal performance, and optimize your hard drive. All together, you can expect a 20%-30% increase in performance while maintaining all your familiar settings, files, and applications.

Data Recovery

So you didn’t back up your computer - it’s happened to all of us. And this time it happened to you. 140,000 Hard Drives fail every week, so you’re hardly alone. You’ve heard the data recovery nightmares costing thousands of dollars and you fear the worst. Now here’s the good news: it’s not always that bad. Most drive problems are logical, and don’t require weeks to recover.. With our advanced software and hardware recovery tools, we can recover about 90% of failed drives and offer a flat-rate, no risk recovery service

Home Network Setup

Do you need a WiFi network installed in your home or office? Does your existing WiFi network lack range and security? Do you need to extend your existing wired network? Whatever your networking needs may be, count on Stan’s Tech Garage. While many vendors would have you believe networks are easy to set up, doing it properly takes a special kind of expertise. Improperly secured networks are the easiest and most common way hackers access your personal data, download copyrighted materials, and attempt to hack others through your connection. The really bad part: it all gets traced back to YOU! If you have any doubts about your own WiFi security, give us a call for an evaluation.

System Upgrades

Is your hard drive maxed out? Trying to run the latest programs, but your system tells you it’s out of memory? Is your video card unable to handle the games and videos you throw at it? Then it’s probably time for an upgrade. We’ll be more than happy to install the necessary upgrades you need to run all the applications your heart desires.

On-Site Consultations

Having computer problems at home and you’re not sure what’s going on? Or maybe you just have a few things you’d like taken care of and need a knowledgeable and patient expert? Then an on-site consultation is just what you’re looking for. Call us to schedule a time for one of our expert technicians to come to you and evaluate just what technical services are needed. It’s a great way to have your own personal computer technician. And to top it off, our on-site consultation fee will be credited towards whatever services you choose to have performed during the visit.

Operating System Installation

Ever feel like that computer of yours needs a clean start? Or maybe you just want the latest version of Windows or Mac OS. A clean Operating System installation is a great way to breathe new life into an older system. Whatever the reason, we’ll get your computer running with whatever compatible operating system you choose. Additionally, we’ll make sure your new Operating System has all the latest updates and fixes, and is optimized using our proprietary System Optimization methods..

Data Transfer

Upgrading to new system? Or maybe your old computer just bombed out and you need to get your data on a new one? You need your data and we can transfer it simply and quickly. With a myriad of hard drive tools at our disposal, we’ll make sure you don’t miss a beat.


E-Mail Configurations

Need to get set up on your email program? We’re here to help! Outlook, Entourage, Mail - the wide variety of email programs available can be somewhat difficult to configure. Every email provider has its own unique settings. We at OS SYSTEMS Ltd have tons of experience setting up every email program imaginable. We can also help you get email on your mobile device or configure an enterprise solution. Trust us to make sure you never miss a message!

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