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If you want the absolute best IT services for your business, then look no further. So you can be certain we’ve got the expertise to make your IT infrastructure top notch. Businesses are certainly welcome to take advantage of our general computer services, but for business-specific needs, we offer a number of additional options. We welcome our business customers to take advantage of our monthly support plans to cover all day-to-day issues, or choose from our ala carte business services for specific projects and needs. Contact us now to make OS SYSTEMS Ltd your Business Technology Pit-Stop!


Monthly Bussiness Plan

Wish you had a top IT expert available for all your day-to-day computer problems, but just can’t afford to employ one?  Your business will have on-site and remote tech support at your fingertips. Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you have to settle for less attention. So the next time you need to set up an email account, install a server, or have IT questions, OS SYSTEMS Ltd will be there for you. Working together, we’ll personalize your business IT infrastructure so it works for all your business needs.


Server Setup

Need an efficient solution for sharing files and printers? Want to ensure all your confidential documents are properly secured? Looking to implement an office-wide email system? Then your business is ready for a server. At OS SYSTEMS Ltd, we can get you going with a server to meet all your needs. Whether you’ve got an Apple or PC environment, or a little of both, we’ll custom design a server solution just right for your business


VoIP Systems

Nowadays everyone is turning to the Internet for just about everything. While you’ve probably heard about being able to make inexpensive phone calls from home over the Internet, far more robust phone systems are also available for businesses. VoIP phone systems offer low-cost, flat-rate plans with all the features and benefits of an advanced phone system, but without the entire administrative burden. The number of extensions is virtually limitless and so are the features.


Corporate E-Mail Setup

If you’re looking to store confidential data in your email, or want to simplify the way your employees collaborate via email, calendars, contacts and more, then you’re ready for Corporate Email. We support both in-house and hosted solutions to meet your specifications. Additionally, we can integrate mobile devices so your users will stay connected on the go. You can count on OS SYSTEMS Ltd to design and implement a robust email solution for your business!


Full Time System Monitoring

We know your business relies on technology now more than ever. With more and more people working remotely and accessing business networks online, you can’t afford any down time. So why not be proactive? Failing to resolve a technical problem quickly can cost you valuable time and money. That’s why we offer a full-time monitoring plan. We make sure your internet connection, servers, workstations, and any other devices you need are in perfect health. Trust OS SYSTEMS Ltd to keep you connected.


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